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SCPH 39001 Bios = low fps ?

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I've recently tried using my SCPH 39001 Bios in Pcsx2 0.7.
the games work and everything but I get unbelievably low fps.
any1 have a clue why ?

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#1: Plugins your using would help.
#2: Specification of your machine (CPU , RAM , Graphics, etc).
#3: Read the FAQ's at the top of this forum.
#4: The PS2 is an extremely complex machine, so if you don't have the BEST machine money can buy out there (and even then you won't get top speeds), you'll get no where near decent FPS.
#5: With the current beta I can achive a FPS range of 22-71 FPS in any bios, now compare your spec to mine and go figure ;)
How many times!


General Rule of thumb, you want to go faster use:

CPU recompiler (in CPU options)
GSdx (Nice D3D plugin)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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