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AKA snkmad
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Im having problems to get this sound card working.
first let me tell you what my system config is:
k6-2 500
13Gb seagate
Voodoo 3 3000 16Mb
(Crappy) Aztech sound galaxy...
2 USR modem 56k (one hardware and winmodem)
Soyo SY-5ehm v1.2
Via chipset VIA Apollo MVP3/VP3 , Rev. $04
Well, it install all ok, but then after the reboot, it doesnt play anything
the least i could get was a noise every 6 or 7 secs
could it be due the drivers of my old aztech card, or VIA chipset??
its not the first AWE card i try, allways woth the same problem

Thankz for the help

AKA snkmad
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actually, i have no integraded sound in my board
my old aztech is ISA, as the AWE
but thankz for trying to help
ask people to look at this!!

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I've got this:

k6-2 400, 128Mb, Tnt2, ISA AWE64, and other stuff
Win98fe, Soyo SY-5ehm ... was it version 2 ? don't know anymore...

It works without problems here...

1) Did you install the latest '4-in-1 drivers' for the Soyo motherboard ? It hangs your system after a while if you don't install them
2) Did you check if there weren't any IRQ problems in the Configuration panel ?
3) if 1 and 2 are ok, you could try to reinstall it, but first try it with your VGA card and your AWE sound card only. See if that works. If it does, add the other cards.

Hope it helped...
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