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Saving in MGS

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So here's the situation: Just got MGS. Good stuff. Played a bit, tried to save on card 1 (which also has my FF9 game) - and it said there was an error saving. Crap, I says. So I try to save on card 2, same deal. I quit, go into ePSXeCutor and look at the memcards - it says there's MGS data on both. Crap, I says again. So I go back in, try to load my game from card 1. It shows the savegame properly - "heliport, 16 mins", whatever. So far, so good. I try to load it, and get a loading error. Same thing happens with card 2. What gives?
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Shoulda guessed... F4, the magic do-it-all key. Thanks, fivefeeteight, I'll try that right now...
*tries to ignore the bicker-fest*

Anyway, it worked. Thanks a bunch, 5'8".
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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