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Saving in MGS

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So here's the situation: Just got MGS. Good stuff. Played a bit, tried to save on card 1 (which also has my FF9 game) - and it said there was an error saving. Crap, I says. So I try to save on card 2, same deal. I quit, go into ePSXeCutor and look at the memcards - it says there's MGS data on both. Crap, I says again. So I go back in, try to load my game from card 1. It shows the savegame properly - "heliport, 16 mins", whatever. So far, so good. I try to load it, and get a loading error. Same thing happens with card 2. What gives?
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Press f4, f4 before you save or load for the first time.. Or f5, f4..
Originally posted by takmadeus
hey, what does it do?

*too lazy to read the read me file.....

enable or disable sio irq.. It fixes many memcard and controller problems.. Don't be lazy..:)
Originally posted by Mendingo
I don't get any error, but it only saves from the start of that stage, and not where I'm actually up to. What gives?
That is just how saving works in MGS.. It doesn't save at the actual moment you save.. It saves at a close point.. Like if you save during a battle, the next time you load that save, you will have to redo the battle from the beginning again..

I am guessing you never played MGS on a real psx before?
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