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Well I looked around and didn't find any threads directly related to this, so I was wondering..
Do savestates work, or is it an unused function right now? A few times I tried to make a savestate, and pcsx2 crashes on me.

If not that, then is there a way to pause the emulator, and then unpause it without getting sent to a black screen? If I could get either of those functions to work, they'd be equally good. ;)
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Did you read the faq? The answer to those questions is there...
"File =>States =>Load/Save/Other: Here you can load/save states after you've pressed ESC to return to the PCSX2 GUI while running a game.With "Other" you can specify yourself a different filename from the defaults PCSX2 uses.It is NOT recommended to load states this way because plugins like GSdx9 have problems resuming.Instead you can save/load states by pressing F1 to save,F3 to load and F2 to change slot."

Yeah when I save when returned to the gui, I get this error with a crash: "Unhandled exception in pcsx2.exe (GSDX9_SSE2.DLL): 0xC0000005: Access Violation."

Though when I try to press F1 while in-game to save, nothing happens and no file is written. :(
Maybe my F1 key is broken. :lol:
If youre getting low fps(as expected) try pressing and holding the keys for some time,since it takes more time for the emulator to get the keypress at very low framerates.Also check if you have assigned the f1 key to any pad button.Use the console output to see if your state is written
Mwaha, I think it did it finally! :D

I thought I was fine 'coz this game gives me 8-22fps, but I just pressed F1 about 9 times and it showed up in the console and said "saving ok" at the end. :)

Sorry for wasting time, and thanks.
Just wondering, what game are you trying?
Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest in Itadaki Street. It plays up until the slot machine that decides the turn order, then it either won't go any further, or it just takes forever to get past it 'coz it's really slow at that point.
Also if you go into tutorial mode, the emu won't load past a black screen. All the character models are distorted and stream across the screen, so I could imagine what the whole map would look like with that effect. :???:

I'm using pcsx2 to proofread.. things. ;)
HUh, isn't that the board/party game with Final Fantasy and DQ characters? I didn't even knew that was out yet...
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