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I recently started using Xebra and I like it VERY much; I've incorporated it into my Maximus Arcade setup and it works better than pSX or ePSXe. I use Deamon tools to mount the images and load the games through commandline.

There are 2 issues which bother me though.

1. Savestates (hotkey F1 for save and F7 for load) aren't per individual game..!
So when I play Rayman and there's a Mortal Kombat Trilogy savegame in the save-slot, it quickloads Mortal Kombat during Rayman (dispite the fact that the iso isn't even loaded). Is there a solution to this?

All other emulators I know have seperate quicksave-slots for each game.. so it's weird I think.

2. Mortal Kombat Trilogy music ingame stops whenever I hit the pause button and continue the game. So all is well, until I press pause - than the music stops and doesn't come back.

Hope you guyz can help me!

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The only workaround I can offer is to name each state you save and store them in a place where you can associate it easily with its parent game. In the XEBRA menu, click File > Save > Running Image. It will save a state and allow you to name it and choose its save location. You can then go to File > Open > Running Image and open said save state. I would be careful using save states too much in one session (before you close and reopen XEBRA), especially for games that have their own in-game save or have cutaways to new scenes (like starting a random battle in Suikoden or FF7); those games can crash XEBRA on overuse, although this may have been changed with the most recent version.

I do game storage via store the game image in a folder with all its associations (SIM files, save states, etc.), with the exception of the memory cards, but that's just me.
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