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Savestates Issues and some othe interesting stuff!

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Ok, i've been having several problems (Not really big problems) and so i diceded to post them here so that u all know what to expect.

Well, first off all, Savestates, MDECs and FFVIII. These 3 don't seem to get along very well :)

I've been using save states in FFVIII every time but some times a weird stuff happens. If you load a savestate its quite probable that the MDECs just stop workin, (This happend with Pete's Plugins). You'll hear the sounds of the MDECs but you'll only get a gray picture. This DOESN'T happen all the times, but if it does just save the game (USING THE MEMORY CARD), RESET, load the game (obviusly, using the memory card also) and the MDECs will now be workin.

I'll post some more problems right after this one.
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Luckily, I don't use savestates that much and I use lewpys glide pluggin so I never experienced anything like those problems.. I do know that using savestates causes weird problems in some games.. ie. Mdecs, and weird crashes sometimes..
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