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Savestate problem!!

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today, when i was going to play chrono cross i tried to load my savestates!!

but, for some reason, it doesn't load!!

the savestates are there (sstates dir) but they don't load up!!

does anyone had the same problem???

and are my savestates recoverable?? i didn't overwrite them without knowing, and they are there, because i use two slots and i can tell the difference between a F1 and a F3!!
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The same happens to me
I think, that when u save the game, epsxe saves it in a temp file (at least it happens to me) and i have to ren that file to .mcr and the define it manualy.
It sucks...
It's probably down to disk labels.
ePSXe remembers the initial disk label, and creates save-states based on that name. If you change disk, it still remembers the first disk name.
If you close and re-open ePSXe, and try to load a save-state with the second disk in, it won't find any, because the save-states you have are for the first disk.
Following me this far? ;)
If you think this is the case, either start ePSXe off the same CD you started it when you created the save-states., and then change disk, or rename the save-states to match the disk you are on (check the SLUS/SLES/???? code in Windows Explorer), and try to load it then.
what lewpy says is true .for example if your playing wild arms 2 and you load in the first cd which has a slus code fro example 2014 so when u make a save state its going to store 2014 and now that you go around inserting the second cd which has a slus code 2015 and then you try to load the game and nothing happens yes you guessed it .it doesn't recognize the slus code ..soo if ure on to a second cd of some game you need to load the first cd and then load the save state and then press esc and go to the option change cd rom just to make sure that your emu knows that there is a different cd in your cd rom... and volia enjoy and hey when you use the second cd and make a save state you dont need to load the first cd in order to load your state ..... hope this clear things for you :D
that was exactly what happened to me!!;)
i inserted the wrong disk and i only saw that when i took it of the cd-rom!!

thanks again lewpy!!:emb:
NIce! :p
so epsxe creates a MC 4 every game u play right?
Yep. It's usually a good thing, although as pointed out, it can be rather annoying with multiple disk games. ;)
Yeah, really gave me some headaches in the beggining.
I copied all my MC to ever MC that was in the dir :D
Man, i feel stupid lol
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