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I've searched all over this forum for an answer to this but not found it,or maybe it's the wrong wording I used so here goes....please don't jump all over me,today is the first day of using pcsx2 and this forum :)

Can someone explain to me how to load a mem dump (I assume that's what it is) I've been playing Wild Arms 5 on my PC (win vista x64 home,e8400,4x1gb giel ddr2,Asus P5kc mobo and radeon hd4870 1gb) but it crashes intermittently with a nasty sound loop.I can live with it though and I was regularly saving at save points BUT in order to try not to lose too much progress I also hit F1 every so often assuming this was the mem dump (yes/nno?).

After the latest crash I thought I was pleased with myself,reset the PC,reloaded pcsx2 and tried to reload the latest mem dump but it's telling me there isn't one.

What am I doing wrong? And can anyone help me fix my ignorance please? D
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