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hi all

Is there any plugin that support savestates?

When I load a savestate the screen is black, I've tried with Dino Crissis and Pete's TNT
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read the faq.
and theres no such thing as petes tnt.
Bgnome: Are you sure? I could have sworn Pete had a stash of TNT hidden behind his computer somewhere...
ops, yes, in the docs quotes:

(WARNING!!! In release date it is supported only in the
following plugins: Lewpy Gpu, Pete Gpu, Pete Spu and ePSXe Spu,
support will be included in more plugins soon
by the plugins authors)

I mean the plugin Pete's TNT driver 1.32 (there IS a plugin named like that, I'm using it)
Pete has also Pete's D3D, OpenGl and many more

But, which Pete's should I use?
D3D 1.48?
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Pete's plugins used to be for TNT's, and used to be named that way...

But once adding support for other OpenGL cards, he finally got around to changing the name a while later....he then expected to make a Software, D3D, SPU, and CDR plugin....and even Linux ports of his plugins...
All of Pete's gpus work fine with savestates.
It works fine now.

BTW pete's tnt 1.32 works better for me (without glitches) than pete's D3D 1.49 (at least with dino crisis)

Thanks you all but Bgnome

(just kidding, Bgnome too)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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