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Save state crashing, better graphics?

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Hi, I'm new to ePSXe, and I've got a couple of questions.

First, save states don't appear to work - when I try to save, ePSXe crashes and then Kernel32 crashes. I'm using Pete's D3D6 driver and the ePSXe sound and cdrom drivers.

Also, is there a way to improve the graphics? I've got a Radeon card and Gran Turismo 2 is very pixelated on my 19" monitor. I tried turning on FSAA, didn't appear to make a difference. Anything else I can do?
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Make sure you have a sub-directory in the main ePSXe directory called "SSTATES". If it doesn't exist, that may be the problem.
it works when I use F1 to save; if I hit escape then go to Save on the menu, it crashes...weird.

any way to improve the graphics?
use a newer directx uses, pete's d3d or open gl driver (not dx6) and configure the driver...easiest thing to do is pressing the "nice" button There are some VERY good reasons to NOT go beyond DX6 (FF7 PC for example). If he's on 6, he probably has a reason to be there. Upgrading is not an option.
I have DX8 now actually. I was wondering if there's some way to improve the resolution, like the screenshots of bleem's improvement of games
FF7 on ePSXe looks horrible on D3D (not DX6) in my experience. The menu colors just scare me. Even though I have DX7, I prefer using the DX6 plugin.
I use the DX6 driver also, it works (I've only tried gran turismo 2) but I play it windowed because full screen it's very pixelated, is there any way to reduce this? I've seen screenshots of bleem showing how graphics are better in bleem.

also, memcards don't appear to work; if I use save state and load states with F1 and F3, it works, but I can't use the game's save to memcard feature...should I just use save states?
If you can't save with a memory card, it's logical to go with save states. :) However, saves should work in FF7 with the F4 key. In regards to your question about improved resolution, just go to config --> video and select whatever plugin you are using for your card. Just select a higher resolution at desktop resolution, and you're good to go.
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