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Save problems

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Since there are no save states, the only way is to use the game's own save system, problem is, it dissappears after shutting down and I've no idea where the save file is, anyone help?

Also, game objects are made of many polygons pieced together, in some games, black lines appear at the edges of every face, namely phantom hourglass, is that supposed to happen?
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That has absolutely nothing to do with anything thing an0ny....
Interesting how you can donate to get something when donations are down....

Anyways how the emu was obtained is not the issue here.
I am going to keep locking all your threads, nothing will change once you come back.
Relax, just ignore him, if I as moderator am not trying to prosecute you for rule contravention then you're safe.

So you've checked my FAQ and followed all the advice and it has not helped one bit?
He's not pirating anything....downloading a free emulator (not the games themselves) from the author's official site is not piracy.
Yeah, erm, that's not going to change I am afraid, that's just currently the best job no$gba can do of emulating the game at this stage.
You really should check the stickied FAQ thread as suggested MichaelDZ
And there are games where neither helps as well.
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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