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save problem

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I am playing ffix and i am having a wierd problem with the saves.I got to disk 4 and was playing and used the f1 f2 f3 options for my saving and loading.I quit one day and next day i loaded it up and my saves were no longer there.I switched back to cd 3 to check and my saves were on cd 3 not on cd 4 where they were when i last saved and quit.I have know idea why it reverted back to cd 3.I loaded cd 3 up then exited and changed to cd4 ok, i thought this will works.So i have gotten farther in the game now after lveling and such and doing side quests,I try to enter the damn iffa tree to go to final lvels to fight kuja,it just fails and the screen turns black.I think it's cause of the save thing.I Loaded and much older save on disk4 through in game save and let's me enter tree but i am way back on all the **** i have done.I was wondering if there is anyway to get my saves to run right off disk 4 without loading disk 3 then changing to disk4.I have no idea why the saves bounced back only to loading up on disk3 when they were on disk 4.
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Kane said:
Save states are CD specific, so what's happening is that because you are loading up with CD3, all savestates are stored under that CD's slot.
Try this:
  • Load up your save state in CD 4 using the long winded method.
  • Save to the memory card.
  • Quit out ePSXe and reload it using CD4
  • Load the memcard save
  • Create a new save state after loading (F1)
From there on any save states made/used will be CD4 specific
thanks i will give that a try.
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