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Hello guys,
First of all I unsuccessfully searched a lot here and in other pages trying to find solutions before I decided to open this thread.

The issue is:
I started to play Pokemon Ruby on my Android with My Boy!, so I copied the .sav file to the BATTERY folder of No$GBA on my PC. No$GBA recognized the file automatically and imported my save status, so I was playing on PC. Saved my progress (HUGE PROGRESS) and tried to make the inverse path. Copied the .sav file to the BATTERY folder and SAVES folder to Android device. To my surprise didn't work. Didn't even load my first progress, it kept showing "new game" message.

As I said I searched a lot and didn't find a single answer to help me. I've read a lot about make some changes in .INI file (compressed/uncompressed), tried all things but couldn't convert the .sav and make it playable on My Boy.

Do you guy have any idea how to convert No$GBA save file to My Boy!?
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