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Just a note to everyone: Sometimes the save games do not vary across the different regions a game is released in. So if you find a save to a game that is not of your game's region, its still worth trying.

But in the case of FFX, since the game was changed between a few releases the saves are probably not cross compatible.

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Much as has already been stated:
For saves.
For a guide on how to get those saves into PCSX2's memory cards.

Vanit is correct, saves from one European version (eg UK) will not work on anouther (Spanish / French etc). Perhaps if you could provide a game serial (on the side of the box - looks like SLES / SCES / SLUS / SCED / SLPM with 5 numbers after it). Or provide us with the location you bought the game from.

Regardless, here is a small selection of saves I use from the UK version Final Fantasy X [SCES 50490] (E)

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Is cos some games have a number in the last line that indicates the save slot.
If you save two SCUS-78126001 the emu will show only one save.

Not to happen this, save the saves with diferent last number.
EG: SCUS-78126001 SCUS-78126002

This will solve the problem ;)
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