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save files are missing

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my save files are away o_O
Only the pic-files stayed...
Can i get somehow my saves back?

thx for help!
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Try and see if this helps any.

By the way, are you referring to save states, or actual saves on the memory cards? You never really specified.
I mean the savestates... >.>
in the sstates directory are only *.pic files
what can i do ?
You can't do anything to them.
Those are created whenever you attempt a save-state in ePSXe.

You can load them again via ePSXe by pressing F3, using F2 to cycle free slots.
*argl* i hate my bad english...

My savestate folder is empty, only the *.pic are there!!
I cant load my saves because there arent there !
are they actually created when you press F1?
I believe those are thumbnails of whatever point you are at in the game, like hitting F8 when you save. If those are the only things there, I'm afraid the saves are permanently gone :(.
so basically, you are pressing F1, the save files are physically being created...and then they disappear?

make sure you are closing the emulator properly by pressing Escape, then closing the GUI afterwards.
Do they disappear when you close the emulator? Within a few seconds of being created? After you restart your computer?
How much Hard Drive space do you have free on the drive ePSXe is on?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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