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save disappears after restart

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i was trying to save a game and found the correct save type (EEPROM64Kbytes) but then after i restarted my computer i played the game but i couldnt load. the save file is there but the emulator/game doesnt recognize it
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The save type has to be correct both when you save and load.
What game is it, BTW?
it is the same save type as when i load. its "The Urbz: Sims in the City"
Urbz uses EEPROM 8kB. One of the few savetypes that can get you confused if you don't divide the Advanscene value by 8.
but i saved with 64Kb, closed the emulator, opened again and i was able to load the game before i restarted my computer! DX :'(
now i have to go through the game again :(
Well, Pokemon CAN save and CAN load with Flash 256k even as 512k is the original ST; but it is error-prone.
Just use 8k and you shouldn't encounter any more problems.
i tried with 8KB and it still didnt work
nevermind, i found another emulator which allowed me to save this game. still think no$GBA is the best though. just because i couldnt save this game doesnt mean its a bad emulator. IMO its the best ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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