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save current position?

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i have tested some games with gsdx that make pcsx2 crash after menu but using gssoft it can go ingame .. i want to know if is possible to save your current position in game .. like "save state" option in some emus.. and then try to start the emulation using something like a "load state" option with gsdx plugin
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Umm... didn`t you see the word "States" in the File menu of pcsx2? If you want to save then File->States->Save->Slot x (or F1 in the game), or if you want to load File->States->Load->Slot x (or F3 in the game).
intmain said:
omg.. sorry :lol: i was trying to go to pcsx2 menu pressing ESC but it dont work with gssoft and i didnt find anywhere in emu about F1 to save and F3 to load.. thx :p
No problem, glad it worked. Also, as TWave said, try bashing the buttons till it works (sometimes I had to press F8 to make a screenshot 16 times to make 1 screenshot). This is because of very low FPS, because you have to hit the button when the next frame is being processed so that you command is also processed (and being a very low FPS it means that you get less chanches to press the button; ahh... at least that`s what I think). Anyway, I forgot to mention about F2. It simply changes the state slot (just like epsxe). And about where to find out about these buttons, try pcsx2`s readme...:p
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