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.sav file wont load?

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ok so i have nogba on my laptop and i have a saved file of pokemon platinum that im really far on...and i wanna play it on my desktop now...but when i put the .sav file from my "\BATTERY" folder from my laptop into my "\BATTER" folder on my desktop and start up pokemon platinum it automatically makes me start a new game (starts at intro when i hit start instead of letting me load a saved game) why is that? if any1 knows how to load the saved game from my laptop on my desktop please tell me how to do this D: i really dont want to start over on my desktop
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The saves in NO$GBA are stored in BATTERY and you can't change that. :D
also make sure the no$gba on your desktop is set up correctly first.

It could also be that you named the rom saved on your laptop different to the one on your desktop. For the save to be recognised it has to have the same name as the rom.

There is no reason why this transfer should not work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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