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no more WIP teasers....this is the real thing......Satunin 0.30 has been released for the people who still have Saturn CDs in non-snapped-in-half condition :p Here's a little statement that was posted on the Saturnin homepage:
  • Hi everyone !

    Here's my present for Christmas : a brand new Saturnin release, able to play Saturn games :D

    Everything is far from being perfect, speed is still an issue, and crashes can happen sometimes during some games. A list of problematics games is available in the help file bundled with the emulator ...
    As always, read the help file fully before emailing me or writing for info in the forums ... your answers might already be there :p
    If you can't find a specific answer about your problem, there's a FAQ thread in the forums that can be updated with your input ;)

    One last thing : translations are a lot easier now that I have switched to plain text files instead of dlls ... so if you're interested in translating Saturnin in your own language, send me back your str file (the english version is bundled with the emulator in the langage directory).
    I'll add your contribution to the download thread in the forums ;)
    So far english and french are done, and bulgarian is on the way.

    So that's it for now :)

    Merry Christmas to everyone !
and now the changelog:
  • General : corrected a bug occuring during binary file loading
  • General : removed language dll, replaced by str files (which are plain text files)
  • General : help and FAQ are now in chm format
  • GUI : added cd drive selection
  • GUI : clicking on "next" before start won't crash the emulator anymore
  • GUI : game title is now displayed in the status bar
  • Debug : added a memory debug window
  • Debug : added general register modifications in the sh2 debug windows
  • Memory : LUTs added (desactivated for now)
  • Memory : rewritten memory handler (less memory space used)
  • VDP1 : various optimizations
  • VDP1 : added LOAR and COAR handling
  • VDP1 : added 24 bits color mode
  • VDP2 : corrected the bitmap mode display
  • VDP2 : corrected the "Couleur cell mode non autorisée" message
  • VDP2 : corrected the offset color calculation function
  • VDP2 : added scrolling, it's not perfect yet
  • VDP2 : added VRAM cycle pattern handling (thanks to Mariusz Wojcieszek from Mame)
  • VDP2 : added 24 bits color mode
  • SH2 : changed slave SH2 vector triggering
  • SMPC : full rewrite that makes start button working in more ST-V games, and controls behaving normally in the Saturn bios
  • SMPC : backup ram support added
  • CD-Block : Saturn game cds supported
  • CD-Block : region is auto selected for each game
  • CD-Block : added BYTE transfer
  • Various : almost all function declarations are now C++ compliant
» Download Saturnin 0.30 <A HREF="">here</A>
» Saturnin <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</A>

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Thanks for the great work, keep it up!

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Wow! Christmas gifts for everyone! I guess tomorrow on christmas I will go over to my friends house and steall some of his games. Can't wait to try it out, litteraly!

5,331 Posts only play original saturn cd ? Not saturn cd-r ?

5,331 Posts

I will test it with my saturn cd-r games soon :)
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