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It has become quiet in the saturn section during the past days and weeks. Today, while going through all the saturn sites again, I came across the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Satourne homepage</a>, which got removed from my list previously as it appeared to be down.
Well now it is back with some progress details and screenshots (not sure if these are now). However, while looking a bit through the (french) forum, I came across <a href="" TARGET="_blank">this thread</a> from some days ago, where two new screenshots have been posted :<center>
<a href="/saturn/pics/satourne-1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/saturn/pics/satourne-1s.jpg" BORDER=0></a>&nbsp;<a href="/saturn/pics/satourne-2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/saturn/pics/satourne-2s.jpg" BORDER=0></a></center>
Glad to see this emu is still making progress, and let's look forward to the next release ! You can find the official homepage at <a href="" TARGET="_blank"></a> !
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