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I just saw over at <a href="" TARGET="_new">Almighty Saturn X</a> that the author of <a href="" TARGET="_new">Satourne</a> (official homepage still down :/) has posted a hint about the next release at the <a href="" TARGET="_new">official Satourne forum</a>. Turns out we might see a release soon! Have a look at this:<ul>So well, ok, I've not been too cool this summer but believe me it was not a really pleasant summer for me. Anyway, the new version of satourne is almost ready. “almost“ coz the ASPI layer isn't there yet. Nevertheless, there is everything needed to load STV roms. Well, I did not add ZIP support yet for roms but it should come soon.

This week-end I move out to Toulouse (City in south west of France) so I will need some time before being able to start to work again.

A last thing, the emulator is in no way dead, and new versions will come soon. I just need to activate my phone line in my apartment and I will send Ben-J the new version.

And I am also going to write a user manual in HTML in french and English. Nah !

See you soon !

Fabien.</ul>Let's hope we get to see the new version soon :) Thanks again to <a href="" TARGET="_new">Almighty Saturn X</a> for the news and translation.
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