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I've searched online for a long time looking for a SATA to IDE adapter but can only find IDE to SATA adapters, does anyone know where to find one?

See the thing is I ordered a computer for my g/f, and stupid me got her a SATA HDD, and the mother board (abit nf7 m) does not have SATA on it. I was wonder how I could get it to work with IDE. The other option is to give her my 120 gig HDD that is ide, and take her 80 gig SATA HDD, since my motherboard (abit nf7) does do SATA...I believe, I'll have to check, but anyway. My point is, is there any way to convert it or am I scrwed. Plus would it be good to go with the 80 gig SATA hdd and give her mine? Is it that much faster?

EDIT: BTW I promised her I would have a solution by friday >_<.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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