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San Andres

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Hello, i know this thread have been posted 1000times before. But i gotta find out, is San Andreas playable?
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (c) Rockstar Games NTSC FULLDVD
iam really sorry, but i need to know :hdbash:
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wut do u mean is it playable?
Already I can take a guess where this topic is going to lead....however just to entertain the thought. Yes my PS2 plays San Adreas prefectly well mind you, and if this is regarding to what I think it is regarding, then a good look at the forum rules would be good before you post.
First off, try not pasting game titles directly from nforce or some torrent site, lol.

Second, to answer your question, no.

Third, the god damned name is San Andreas.
Yes of course the ps2 plays San Andreas really well, especially the store bought version.

Maybe if you looked in the correct PLACE for pcsx2 you would find your answer :rolleyes:

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