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Samsung Electronics, South Korea's top high-tech company, says its new graphics memory chip can transmit data equivalent to half a million pages of newsprint per second.

The company today said it would begin commercial production of the world's fastest memory chip around the end of this year.

The new high-speed graphics solution runs at up to 8.0 Gigabits per second (Gbps), which is around 600 per cent faster than current conventional 1.2 Gbps devices.

The company said it can transmit data equivalent to 34 years of a 40-page broadsheet daily newspaper, or almost half a million pages every second.

This new chip will provide high-quality images and fast animation in PCs, workstations and high-end game consoles, the company said.

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culubalo said:
looks like the ps3/xbox360/revolution should hold on before this chip replaces graphics cards in PC's and makes those consoles feel like they are the original atari even before they come out.
They are not going to wait...

On the otherhand, this is cool news. It is a memory chip right? Could it be used to make UBER ram?

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8 Gbp/s ~=~ 1 GBp/s

XBOX 360's ATI Xenos Chip memory bandwidth = 32 GB/s or 32x faster

PS3's nVidia RSX Chip memory bandwidth = 42.4 GB/s in & 37.4 GBp/s out or roughly and average of 39.9x faster

I fail to see what all the hubub is about. Is it small? Low power consuming? I don't see how they can claim world's fastest graphics memory chip, unless it is for some specific subset which does not include PC and console graphic chips. Maybe the world's fastest cell phone chip?

Do you happen to have a link to the original article by chance? I would really like to read it. Thanks.

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