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Same speed at ALL Resolutions in GT2

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I just got GT2 from a Friend tried to get it work on ePSXe. It works. But it was very slow(1024x768): about 40 FPS. I changed the resolution to 640x480. And it's still slow. Again about 40 FPS? Why ist it running so slow at all the resolutions I tried? At 320x240 it's still only 40 FPS!
I used Pete's OpenGL GPU 1.52, then the D3D port, then the software port. At all 40 FPS.
What's wrong with my PC?

PS: I don't have the Frame-Limitation activated.
PPS: It's the NTSC-Version of GT2.
PPPS: I got a PII300 with 192 Megs an an ATI Rage128.
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your comp specs is the problem... You could try running it off an iso and see if that helps.. turn off sound too.. GT2 ran slow on my amdk6-2 533 with a voodoo 3 3000.. So on yours it would probably be slow too..
The good news is that when you've got a fast enough PC, you can run GT2 at any resolution, and still get 60+ FPS. I usually run it at 800x600, but I've got a number of screenshots running at 1600x1200 with the same framerates.

Of course, it really doesn't look that much better, so the overall impact is minimal...
My first thought was that the specs of your computer are the problem as the other guys suggested, but it seems suspicious that you get 40 fps at any resolution because it seems logical to me that if you try a lower resolution the fps should improve at least a bit (4 or 5 fps). So I would try making an ISO of the game CD and try it that way, cause there are CDROM drives (like mine) that have problems reading PSX CD's and thus slowdown the gameplay (I've experienced that problem with the two games I have).

Also, if you are using a USB gamepad (like the Wingman rumblepad), try to play with the keyboard instead. I have the Rumblepad and just discovered that it takes an average of 13% of my CPU power when it's in use, and that's some precious processing power that you can't waste if you want to have a decent gameplay experience emulating a PSX game.

Please let me know if you get to run that game well, I want to buy it but I don't want to waste the money if it's not going to run well on my low spec machine.

So my suggestions: Run from ISO, use Keyboard and Pete D3D 1.51 plugin(in my case is faster than OGL)

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I forgot to mention that I tried to use an ISO. There wasn't any improvement :(
I'm using a Gamepad PRO which is connected to the Gameport at my Soundcard.
And I tried the older 1.51 and it didn't improve.
Maybe it's just a Prob with my Driver...I think I will have to fiddle around with this a little bit.
I had the same prob with FF7. But here it wasn't a prob. It was running at an acceptable Speed (about 60 FPS; PAL). I wondered if I could get out some more FPS an lowered the res. Nothing happened. It was always the same Speed.
Couldn't it be because your graphic board is the bottleneck?
Originally posted by Biased turkey
Couldn't it be because your graphic board is the bottleneck?
impossible, cause its running at the same framerate no matter what the resolution.... its possible that the emu is autodetecting the wrong framerate and holding at that, either that or your processor is just too hog slow... try enabling frameskipping?
Frameskipping! Why didn't I think of this before :emb:
(in my case is faster than OGL)
I depends on Graphics card, well I've low spec (K6 500). But, Open GL enables me to play it 150 % faster than D3D.
Originally posted by Nebuchadnezzar
Frameskipping! Why didn't I think of this before :emb:
glad to have helped... :D
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