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I just played the Sacrifice demo, the game is more of third person action game than a traditional RTS game.

Your two resources in the game are souls and mana. You gain more mana by creating structures at fixed points on the map. You gain souls by killing the enemies.

All your units are summond by your wizard. The number of units you can create ties directly to many enemies' souls you can find on the map. Meaning if there are 3 monsters you can create 3 units.

The graphics look much better than Warcraft III, but at the same time the micromanagement is worst than Warcraft III.

The voice action is top notch, better than Warcraft III.

The interface isn't that good for commanding your troops. You have to right click on the unit and hold the button down to select the commands. This can be an issue in the heat of the battle if your fingers slip.

The 3D person camera is also a flaw with the gameplay. You can't zoom out too far and meaing you can't see who is attacking you.

As an action game it fares well, but as RTS game, the traditional RTS gameplay like Starcraft and WH 40k DoW is still better.

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