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Are they the same sounds that played before? Do they continue to work in SA1(and, as an aside, if they do, is the voice acting better than the English voiceovers; I can't believe they didn't redo those for the Gamecube version)?

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What sources?
Google and this:

__|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
| .|
: _ ___ _________ - E C H E L O N - .::|
___ ________ _______ __ / ___ ________________ _________ _________
_____ / _/ / _/___ _____ /_/ _ __ _
_/ / _/ | / _/ / // / _____ / / / //
// ____// |_// / // _____/ _/_/ // / / /
__|_________________________________________________________ _____|__
| |
`- Proudly Presents:

Game.....: Sonic Adventure 2 (C) Sega / Sonic Team

Origin...: USA - NTSC - Filename.....: E-SONIC2.001
Released.: June 20th, 2001 - Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)
Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC) - CD(s)........: 1
CD1 Info.: 36 RARS / 80 MINS - Ripped.......: Read Rip Notes

- --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>


Introducing Sonic Adventure 2, the latest Sonic masterpiece, where
you play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and attempt to save the
world-OR-play as Shadow, Dr. Robotnik, or Rouge and conquer all who
stand in your way. Mistaken for a villain and kidnapped by a
military squad, Sonic must escape his captors and discover who is
responsible for all his trouble. Jump into the action and check out
Sonic's new moves as he grinds rails, swings from poles, and
somersaults past the bad guys. Running at a smooth 60 frames per
second, and containing over 30 action stages, Sonic Adventure 2 is
the perfect way to celebrate Sonic's 10th Birthday-that's right,
this June, we commemorate Sonic's 10 years of super fun and super
speed. Join the fun and get ready for Sonic's biggest adventure yet!

Game Features:

- 6 Playable Characters: Play as hero favorites Sonic, Knuckles or
Tails; or try one of the new villainous characters: Shadow, Rouge,
or Dr. Robotnik.

- 2-player Mode: Compete head-to-head in 3 different modes of
2-player action.

- More than 30 Stages: Action-packed and more than you can handle.

- New Moves: Grind down rails, grab ledges, or swing from poles.

- Improved Chao: Smarter and cuter than ever, Chaos can be collected
and used to open unique features and mini-games.

Rip Notes:

All movies were downsampled on this rip. Half of the music files
were also changed from Stereo to Mono. The bloated browser was
ripped and so was Japanese speech. Obviously, do not set the
speech to Japanese in the Options.

As just about everyone knows by now, the 2 previous Hooligans
rips are non-working. The 1st one freezes after you
complete Level 1 on the Dark Mission, and the 2nd one freezes
after you complete Levels 5 and 12 in the Hero Mission. We have
tested our rip past both freeze spots and it works.

This game is the USA retail copy bought at a store today.
We have no idea where the Hooligans copy came from or what it is.
We were also not willing to mess with their copy or attempt to fix
it because it has corrupt movie files. It is not possible to do
a fix for the Hooligans release of the game.

So, here is a rip of this major title with the Echelon Seal Of
Quality that you can TRUST. Enjoy the game!
And guess what? This thread is now closed because this kind of discussion is against the forum policy.
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