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S-video-in not working

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I'm using a Vistek GeForce4 4600 on WinXP. I installed the drivers from the Cd so I could use the s-vid out. Great it works. Now I no longer have a Tv in my room and I want to use the svid in, but I can not get a display. I downloaded the latest forceware and wdm drivers and the latest version of MPC but to no avil. The GameCube is producing a display, but my computer won't do anything about it. Its pluged into a vivo cable and it's all pluged in right. I've restarted time after time with nothing. Any help will be helpful, thanks.
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First of all, the vivo cable was included with the card or you just got one? If you got it then the videocard has tv-out only.
If the card is vivo enabled then the cd must have had a capture/tv/whatver you plug/viewing program. Install it and use it to check that everything is working. Select s-video as the source.
Try this:

Video Greedy (High motion). I don't see any difference between the deinterlace filters but oh well...

And this:

Filters: (use filter settings to change their values)
Linear correction (experimental): Linear correction filter enabled and mask type trapezoid.
Sharpness: Fast memory access enabled, sharpness 226, sharpness filter enabled of course :lol:
Noise reduction gradual: Fast memory access enabled, filter enabled and noise reduction 35.
Temporal comb: Fast memory access and high quality enabled, maximum color variation 35, recal of past shimmering 85, shimmering to activate 70, temporal comb filter enabled of course :lol:

And the part that will make the trick:

In settings:

Video adujustments:
Brightness 10
contrast 200
Hue 0
Color 301
Color U 373
Color V 230

Overlay adjustments:(it's in settings too)

Brightness 83
contrast 100
Hue 0
Color 180 (radeon) 159 (geforce) (Don't ask, i need to change those colors :lol:)
gamma 1
sharpness 10

That would do the trick but it will still look washed out until you use a s-video cable. With rca ones i didn't like it but since i tried the s-video one it looks better than inmy tv and now my ps2 sits beside my pc.

Do you mean i always see 30 fps in dscaler even if i'm deinterlacing it? I thought it would show 60 fames since it's non interlaced. Maybe it's the filter?
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I ask again :lol: If i use a deinterlace filter will it still run at 30fps? Then what is the point of deinterlacing the ps2 games?

VDDZ: Did my config help?
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