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S-video-in not working

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I'm using a Vistek GeForce4 4600 on WinXP. I installed the drivers from the Cd so I could use the s-vid out. Great it works. Now I no longer have a Tv in my room and I want to use the svid in, but I can not get a display. I downloaded the latest forceware and wdm drivers and the latest version of MPC but to no avil. The GameCube is producing a display, but my computer won't do anything about it. Its pluged into a vivo cable and it's all pluged in right. I've restarted time after time with nothing. Any help will be helpful, thanks.
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I got the plug with the card, I can't seem to find the driver disk, it is vivo, and I have had it working in the past.
Fixed it. I didn't know I had a TVtuner on this thing, how do I use it? It only has a VGA DVI and VIVO ports. So my problem was with my drivers, I discovered the tv tuner when I installed the drivers from the cd. Whould there be any reason for me to upgrade the drivers? Are there any preformance reasons?

n_w95482, what filters are you using to play, my games seem very fuzzy.
Thanks for the info. I dont have a problem with games being choppy, or do I? Is there any place where I can edit the framerate?
Hot damn, GT4 runs at 60 fps? Now if I remember correctly, that's different. Does it make game play that much nicer? If so, I think I may have to pick it up just because of the different framerate.
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