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S-video-in not working

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I'm using a Vistek GeForce4 4600 on WinXP. I installed the drivers from the Cd so I could use the s-vid out. Great it works. Now I no longer have a Tv in my room and I want to use the svid in, but I can not get a display. I downloaded the latest forceware and wdm drivers and the latest version of MPC but to no avil. The GameCube is producing a display, but my computer won't do anything about it. Its pluged into a vivo cable and it's all pluged in right. I've restarted time after time with nothing. Any help will be helpful, thanks.
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That's odd, I was able to easily get my PS2 running through DScaler with my new video card. Did you download the GF2/3/4/FX WDM drivers and not the GF6 ones?
I use the Greedy 2 Frame deinterlace method and I think that's it. My main problem with playing games through my video in is that it seems to be stuck at 30 fps, making games like Gran Turismo 4 very choppy. ChrisTV seems to play the stream more smoothly but it's interlaced by default.
The stats in DScaler said it was playing the stream at 30 fps, even though GT4 does 60. I tried almost all of the filters but it didn't fix it.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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