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Hello all:

Im trying to run games here, but aways its give little freezes, on movies sometimes can crash.

I have a P4 1.5, GF4 128DDR, 256 Rambus, Debian "nitrogliceryne".

Im using XGL2 plugin, latest nvidia official drivers, with this settings:

InternalX: Low
InternalY: Low
640x480 Windoned
Stretch: 1: PSX
Render 1: P-buffer (seg fault if FBO)
Using FPS limit (Auto)
OpenGL mode: on
Filtering: 0
Hires Tex: 0
Vram size: 0
Offscreen Drawning: 0
FB Effects: 0
FB Upload: 0
Flicker fix: 0
No game fixes.

Im trying to run Metal Gear, have some issue?

Oh! Im using Alsa peops :
Volume: 2 Loud
Reverb: 1 Simple reverb
Interpolation: 0
XA and change XA speed on
SPU IRQ on too.

So, why is so slow?
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