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Running MGS 1 in hardware mode on a 6800GT

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Well, for some good old nostalgia, I decided to install the game on my main rig. It ran perfect on my old rig, and well it does on here too, except that it will only run in software mode. When I ran the game for the first time, it said that my card did not support some necessary functions or something like that (which is a bunch of bs, its a 6800GT for crying out loud). I have been looking for some kind of patch that may fix this but I haven't had any luck. Any help appreciated.
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i never got MGS running on my 5600. i didnt try very hard though, i just went to ePSXe :p
I remember i had a similar problem when i installed it in xp (it ran perfectly in win98). Try the win98 compatability mode and the problem should be solved.
The game does run, but its in software mode.
This is the error message it gives me:
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