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Rune Factory white screen possible fix?

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Hi, I've been playing Rune Factory on no$gba2.6a. it usually gives me a white screen most of the time, but I've discovered there's times in the opening video if you skip it at the right time it will always load. In doing this I cant seem to get my save data to load it just keeps loading forever until you restart it. Has anyone had any progress in finding just the right time for it to load your save data every time?

Or maybe a complete work around?
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Ah, i had the same problem at first but i found out what it was. im not really sure if i can post it here but...this could solve your problem.

10. No$GBA Snapshots (save states)?

These only work for GBA games at this stage.
why does it restart? because it still not suited for NDS games yet, and can't read the file.
i hope that solve your problem.

If that's not the case...
I been playin "Rune Factory 2" for a while and there seems to be no problem with it. But the program i use is "No$Zoomer" to play it. It require No$gba2.6a since it the same but has the plugin to play most nds games now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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