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Rune Factory on No$gba 2.6?

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I was told that Rune Factory works on No$gba 2.6 because 2.6a white-screens me after the intro movie. So I obtained No$gba 2.6, and got a "Could not access data, Power off and re-insert the DS card" even before the intro movie ended. Can't skip past this either.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance guys, any input would be great.
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You didn't set the correct save type. You can find out how by looking at the sticky FAQ. After you change the save type, save the settings and reload your game.
Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Just one more problem now though, the No$gba 2.6 doesn't seem to want to remember my settings. I would change the settings, press "Ok" and it would stay as long as I don't close the client, however it resets when I start it up again.

I scanned the FAQ for that but nothing really came up. I'll have a look again, but any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks imlost.

***EDIT Sorry I must've been half-asleep when I re-read the FAQ. I got it now***
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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