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Run NullDC plus Joypad - TUTORIAL

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I`m lurking this forum from time to time so I felt like giving something back now ;) I LOVE NullDC but the lack of Controller-Support always made me use Demul instead.

What we`re gonna do :
Create a Shortcut which starts a game in fullscreen including Joypod support. You can exit the game and all related programs by pressing "Esc".

We`re gonna do this by a combination of scripts and batch files. There is alot of room for improving this because actually there`s no need for batch-files and you could do all this in a script... but I`m a PC-Noob and I figured this out step by step. So don`t mind the batch-files ;)

First... download and install Xpadder
Xpadder - Download - COMPUTER BILD

This converts your gamepad-commands into keyboard-commands.
Create and save a new profile for your gamepad.
Make sure to have Xpadder running and start NullDC. Now config your Input in NullDC by pressing the keys on your gamepad.

Then exit NullDC and xpadder.

Now change the following lines in the Nulldc.cfg to 1 instead of 0.


Make sure to uncheck "Read Only" at the file properties before you do this. Afterwards make it "Read Only" again because NullDC tends to change this file otherwise ;)

Now download the nulldc_103nommu_exit.exe from NullDC Tools
(I`m not the owner of this site...the name of the tool`s author is not mentioned there which is not ok i guess. I`m sure I found this tool via google in some forum posted by the author. Sadly I can`t find the forum link again otherwise I`d post it here).

This tool will help us to end NullDC by pressing escape.
Place it in the NullDC main-Directory.

Now create a new .bat file (in the NullDC main-Directory) and paste the following :

cd /D C:\Program Files\NullDC\
start /B nulldc_103nommu_exit.exe
start /wait nullDC_1.0.3_nommu.exe -config Imagereader:defaultImage="C:\Program Files\NullDC\DOA2.cdi"
c:\windows\system32\taskkill /F /IM nulldc_103nommu_exit.exe

I`ll call this DOA2.bat.
Make sure to edit the bold lines for your case.
Now test the bat-file...It should start your game in fullscreen and you`ll be able to exit by pressing escape. But still no Joypad-Support.

So download and install MakroMaker from MacroMaker

Start MacroMaker.exe and click "Add". Type a name for your Makro. I`ll call this DOA2. On the right under command types chose "System".

First we want to run the Xpadder.exe. Add "RUN" and chose your xpadder.exe.
Then we want to run our batch file we created. Add "RUN" and chose your batch-file.
Then we want the macro to wait until we end NullDC by pressing ESC.
Chose "Controll Logic" instead of "System" and add "WAIT FOR WINDOW". In window-name we put in nullDC*. Don`t forget the *. It`s important. Make sure to check close "Wait for Window to [ ] open [x] close".
"Stop waiting after" set to 0.

When we end NullDC we want the macro to end the Xpadder and itself. So go back to "SYSTEM" on the right and add another RUN.
At "command" we put in c:\windows\system32\taskkill and at "arguments" we put in /F /IM Xpadder.exe

To end the macro, add "Shutdown MacroMaker".
Make sure it looks like this at the end:

Now save the macro. Then end Macromaker by pressing "Shutdown".

Macromaker saves your macros into the registry. So don`t be confused...there is no extra file or something.
To start our Macro we create a new shortcut. Right-click on "MacroMaker.exe" and chose "Create shortcut".
Add the name of your Macro at the end of the line.
my example :

"C:\Program Files\MacroMaker.exe" DOA2

Call the shortcut DOA2 or whatever your game is called ;)

Easy to start your game now....and NOT A SINGLE extra program runnning once you press "ESC".
As i said...there is alot of room for improvements for sure. I`m pretty nooby when it comes down to PCs. So anyone...feel free to create a better Version of this :)
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i have 1 problem on nulldc naomi keyboard work good both i want to play whit joystick
i try on maple both nothing work plaese help me thank you
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