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'Run CDROM' from command line

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I am using Mooby2 for a cd-rom plugin and I want to be able to load isos as cds from the command line, instead of loading them as isos. How can I do this? I am looking at the switches now but I don't see a clear answer.
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wow.. no.

I am running games from the command line, not the gui, and I want to run them as CDRoms so I can have CD audio, not as isos.
yes, i'm running it without a gui, and am using the -nogui switch. What I want to do is 'Run CDROM' instead of 'Run ISO' using the commandline. The cd-rom being my game image.

I'm doing all this because I'm using a program that lets me select a game then it runs the emulator with parameters. I want to set it up so that it doesn't exclude CDDA audio. The background music for some of the games won't play if I simply do 'Run Iso'.
thats what i was wondering, thanks bro
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