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Running ePSXe 2.0.5 on Linux. When I put in the cd (Chrono Cross) and choose ‘run CD-ROM), absolutely nothing occurs. I can run the bios, and I can run Chrono Cross cd on PSCXR (although I cannot get it to run smoothly). The cd is mounted at /media/cdrom, which is what I have entered in to the config line for ‘choose device.’ I have read many posts, but none of them have the same problem, and none of the answers help. There is no error message or anything, just click, then the menu closes with no response.

I tried making an .iso of the disc, but ePSXe does not like it. It yields a screwy, static screen on the emulator, and, in bash, I get a runaway process chanting about FPS which is difficult to kill.

Any help would be great — trying to introduce my kid to this nostalgic gem. Perhaps someone could point me to a guide to properly making an .iso from the cd? The link I found on the forum is dead....
Thank you!
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