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rumbling with logitech cordless rumblepad 2

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I'm having trouble getting rumble to work with my (brand new) logitech cordless rumblepad 2 (seen here)- the game I'm playing right now is Tales of Destiny 2, so I don't know if therein lies the problem or not. If this game is not great for testing out rumble, what games are recommended to test with? The games I have downloaded on-hand are (in case any of you are more familiar with rumble in these games):
lunar silver star story complete
lunar 2
valkyrie profile
tales of destiny
tales of destiny 2
star ocean 2
threads of fate
saiyuki: the journey west
castlevania: sotn
suikoden ii
final fantasy anthology
jade cocoon
chocobo dungeon 2

On CDs I have:
legend of dragoon
legend of mana
legend of legaia
ff origins
front mission 3
parasite eve
saga frontier

BTW, I have the pad set to A/D, DxJoy1, small: sine, large: constant. I'm downloading FF8 now to check it out (though I have to recommend the FF8 PC version to all of you, it looks much nicer :) )
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:mad: hey, no bumping. if no one knows, no one knows. jeez.

not only that, piracy is [rules]against the rules[/rules]. dont ask for support on those games again, and no thread bumping. you've been (doubly) warned.
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