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Rumble games

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i´m looking for a list of all psx games with rumble support.
infact it would be great to have a list like that for all kind of games
i just got a LT Rumblepad2 and i´m desperate to find some games to check it out with...

i searched the net but i coudn´t find anything like that.

also does CrashBandicoot only support rumbling when riding an animal?

have fun
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man, there are at leats a few hundred PSX games that support rumble. good luck trying to play them all :p

this is the third topic you've posted in about rumble really like rumble, dontcha? :p
well, ok - let me be more specific.
which games have a really great rumble support?
eg., Bandicoot3 seems to have support but it seems to be limited when riding
an animal you get some galloping vibrations. Pretty rediculous ,imho.

So i´m lookin for games which don´t have just alibi rumble support but like i said... a really well done support.

i want to testdrive my new rumblepad2 (logitech). it´s really nice ;)
Your best bet would be to play PSX fighter genres. Most feature rumble support. We believe a few FPS games have the feature as well. Racing games also sport the feature...3D fighters and Racers make the best use of the feature though
IMO i dont think any PSX games have good rumble support. rumble in general is pretty, well, lame. something hits you, you feel it. every once in a while something cool comes along, like in MGS2 and 3 there is rumble in certain places with games have some vibration when you get to teh edge of the strikezone, and i thought Zelda games had cool rumble (like when you shoot an arrow). but none of those are on the PSX eh? the best example on PSX that i can think of is Gran Turismo2. depending on what side of the car you get hit on, that side of the controller vibrates :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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