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Reporting Violations

If you find someone in violation of any of these rules please let one of the board Administrators / Moderators know immediately by using the "Report this post to a Moderator" link at the bottom of the post in question.

You may also send a private message about the offence to any of the Admins below.


hey, howcome bobbi is not on there?

Go to General Discussion and you will find the rules at the top of the list. Read them, it would be to your benefit to do so.
Bobbi is not on the list because he is the owner/webmaster of this site and boards. He is the top of all and his word is final, but he doesn't always have time to be on the boards. So he has left it up to all of us to take care of the boards. If you keep contacting him about this little thing and that little thing, all you will do is annoy him and that is not good.
You are welcome here as long as you abide by the rules and treat others w/respect and decency. Unfortunately, You seem a bit to arrogant for me. I don't know what your problem is but please don't bring it to the boards.
Lastly, if you think you are safe because you think Bobbi won't ban you, you're wrong. Step out of line once to often and one of us other admins will ban you and w\Bobbi's approval as well. So be careful. Also the part about the arrogance and having a problem, is just my opinion, but that is how it seems to me.
Cluthu is right, this does not belong here since it does not pertain to ePSXe specifically. I'm moving it to General Discussion, where the RULES are and it really belongs.
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