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Verry nice news XD.
Now for something useful in this post of mine: Well imho except for adding to what you said:
1 a rotate clockwise/counter clockwise option;
2 maybe tweaking the the set as background option to have the following options: Center, Tile, Stretched, Fit (where the image fits the screen without loosing any aspect ratio), and maybe fill (same as fit image does not loose aspect ratio but it fills the whole screen, i for one can do without but this app its not addressed to me in particular :p).
3. And lets not forget about slideshow which should be like the fax viewer one except also having options like (center, stretched, fit and maybe fill);
Anything more (like some extra editing options for example) would be bloat imo and can be done better in a app made for editing probably, like gimp for example, the thing about fax viewer which we all liked was its simplicity so that's probably the goal for this to.
1 - 6 of 88 Posts
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