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Possible Questions:

What the hell is Morph???
A: Morph is a crazy app i developed because i was bored yesterday(i was trying to relax and liste music) and got inspired by a Metroid Prime Background and the amazing song "Telephasic Workshop" by Boards of Canada.

What does the app do???
A: Its Basically a Audio Player that use a Samus-Morph 3D model and spin when a song is loaded(still not dynamic but am thinking on it)

Why do i release a new version of the app???
A: Very simple... the app was created because i was bored but then i just realized that isn´t as bad as i probably thought and started to like it.. so i just took some more time today and improved the code a bit more.

What´s your goal by releasing this app??
A: The only goal i have is to collect ideas and new concepts aswell as features for the upcomming version of @ES which is still in development.


-Full File/Folder drop support.. that means you can select files/folders or both and just drop them to the app.

-File Scanning mechanism... just a simple file scanning mechanism that loads .mp3 and .wma files from each folder you dropped.

New Shortcut keys:

-MediaNextButton = Next Song
-MediaBackButton = Previous Song

Previous Shortcut keys:
-MediaPlay/Pause Button = Play/Pause
-MediaStopButton = Stop

-Double click - Closes the app(my old habbit lol).

For keyboards without media buttons:
Left-ALT + N = Next Song
Left-ALT + B = Previous Song
Left-ALT + P = Play/Pause
Left-ALT + S = Stop

-"Left-ALT" means the ALT button on the left of your keyboard
-The next song gets played when the song ends.

Take in mind that files/folders dropped are scanned and the file paths are stored in memory so there´s not playlist atm.. which means each time you drop a file or folder the previous ones get deleted and the new ones get loaded.

Last words:
This app was created for fun and therefore don´t expect too much of it.. if you like it use it.. if not then just delete it from your HDD(it won´t hurt me) and if you have an idea how to improve feel free to tell me and i may add the desired feature if possible :thumb:

Today i realized that i started the thread in the wrong section lol(sorry for that) and now i think here is the right section for the thread. for more info check out the previous thread here(if you´re a admin please feel free to delete or move the old thread)

Over and out

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it works well, i have a few suggestions, and this one is a little far fetched, how about a way to put custom models into it instead of the shpere of Samus. Or a small bar at the bottom of the screen, right at the start bar, to use as a control (play/pause ect).

another thing it kicks ass.
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