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beta date: 12.07.05 (crushtest)
conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins
REC OK, VUREC crashes

log window reads:

--- R2 Video - PAL ---
DMAMode: safeMode = 0 asyncMode = 1
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(33344) ret=0x000b2300
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(2256) ret=0x000ba600
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(2112) ret=0x000baf00
DVCI: File cache was not hit. "\MOVIES\RTXLOGO.SFD;1"
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(33344) ret=0x001d1500
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(2256) ret=0x001d9800
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(2112) ret=0x001da100
DVCI: File cache was not hit. "\MOVIES\RTXINTRO.SFD;1"

RTXLOGO video is blanked.
RTXINTRO video plays fine, playback took me 50 minutes.
The messed up TBC is fake to pretend it's a transmission from Mars.
The square MPEG artefacts are actually from PCSX2.

Plot of the movie:
Big sh1t happened on Mars colony.
Army has to re-activate retired hero to save the day.
Does this sound familiar?

Yet another game with VIF1_FBRST problem.

Patches used:
gametitle= RTX Red Rock [SLES51071] (E)
// fix VIF1_FBRST

Status Intro Video
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