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As the title implies, I am completely flustered.

A friend scored me a pair of VERY NICE controllers for PSX, from DreamGear (, the DGP-305NB (Gray) to be precise...then I grabbed this Radio Shack PSX to USB converter (mainly because it was USBv1.1 compliant), and well, I'm completely flustered.

I installed the setup.exe that came on the floppy disk, and plugged in the troller (which, btw, has no analog sticks on it), and no go. I tried many ways to get it to work, still no luck at all.

I noticed that the included setup (no .INFs or anything else) gives support for dual vibration, as well as the analog sticks (JoyPad), the Dance pad, the Fishing controller and the Cockpit controls, tho no plain old digital button-type trollers like this nice DG pad is.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can add in more options than the four above to make my DreamGear Pad work with this?

Thanks in advance :)
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