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Rpg! Rpg!

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Lots of new JRPG's

just click the link, and refresh. 'nuff said.
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Haha, nice. The sad thing is, most of those are better than the real ones.
Chrono Legend : Shadow Zweihander

Thats germanian made vicious looking twohanded sword. What it does in japanese game? :lol:

...this is great stuff. I got several ridiculous results of J-RPG name randomness, but the one that takes the cake, is THIS !! :D
Final !!!Panzer!!!???

WTF!? :rotflmao:
Xeno Sword : Mana Story
wow i'm gonna get that
sounds like a mix of legend of mana and Xenosaga

"Oh My Phantasy: Burning Hero"

Rated H (HotCoffee)
Mana Saga
Dance dance Chrono Soul
Rated H
rated h? what kind of hentai games are you guys coming up with ;)

oh my saga! dance dance dragon warrior beats em all anyways
Burning gears. You play as the legs of the hero :p .
Next sequel you'll be playing the head ;)

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"If you are the sort of player who enjoys the sort of gameplay that this game has to offer, then there is a possibility that you might like this game, though it is also possible that you won't."


Whats sad is that it actually reads like the real GAmespot reviews.
romance with hello kitty. sounds daring.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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