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Re: Re: RPG Battles: Slow!

Originally posted by kairi00

OK if you're talking about the battle transition effect being *really* slow, there are several things you could do:
1. Lower the resolution and/or color depth
2. Set "Framebuffer textures" to "0 - BlacK", but you don't get to see the fade-in/swirly effect

I have a P3-800 & GeForce2MX, and I couldn't get the special effects running at full speed if my resolution is above 800x600, at 32 bits color depth.

But if you're talking about the *battle* itself being slow, then I have no idea :p
he's right, and try to change advanced blending to 0, filtering to standard w/o sprites, windowed mode, alpha multipass.

these are the ones I remember the most, gotta check my config and tell you....
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