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Rohan Online

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rohan like the place from lord of the rings?
It looks a lot like Perfect World, even the menus, but with better graphics. I assume it's from the same developer as PW.. ? Btw, I think this thread could be moved to game/console discussion ;)
Free to play, pay to win xD Nope, this is different from Perfect World. YNK korea made this game.

I love critical hits from this game, it rocks!
One of a bajillion WoW ripoffs. Also, this belongs in games forum.
FYI, WoW wasn't the first mmo ever invented :rolleyes: Also, WoW is not the king of all MMOs.

Anyways, check out my full dex scout :p
moving to game/console disc.
FYI, WoW wasn't the first mmo ever invented :rolleyes:
I didn't call it a WoW rip off because it's an MMO. I called it a WoW ripoff because....well just ****ing look at at. Couldn't be more blatant.

edit: ROFL, they even stole a bunch of the WoW sound bites.
edit2: haha, they also stole a bunch of the icons. Asians blow at making MMOs.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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