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So I'm having some problems with this game.

In the first battle I get around 25 fps which, obviously, is way too low.
I was wondering wether there was a good config to get this game going faster.

My config: Q6600,2GBram, ATI 4850HD, Windows xp.

Options: Gsdx0.1.14(SSe3) CPU Limit, EE, IOP,

And some other changes in "Advanced" which I read in some other forum but didnt change my fps really much.

Hope you can Help, thx...

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well i settled with the xp I receive, but now the problem is still movent.

I went looking for patches and try to do it myself(I have the NTSC version) but it doesn't work.
In Dos window, I get error
"Xml loader returned an error, trying to load a pnach..
(some other stuff)
patchnumber: 0"

This is my Code:
gametitle=Rogue Galaxy [SCUS 974.90] (U) [0643F90C]
comment=code for character
//Usage - roundmode=x,y X=EE Rounding, Y=UV Rounding
//Operands - NEAR,UP,DOWN,CHOP

From the part: "comment= code for character" is a pure copy/paste from a guy who made this pnach for a PAL version but I suppose it's the same problem which needs to be fixed.

plz help guys
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