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Apparently Capcom is gracing us with a new rockman sage, and Zero is the main star (sorry all you X fanatics).

Game News 12-6-01 - Rockman Zero Information, Release Date for X6?
Neo Ninja X has recently uploaded three pictures onto his server from the upcoming Rockman Zero game. (Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3). The pictures leave its place in the X storyline sketchy at best, but Zero is apparently the playable character of the upcoming action game. It may be an alternate universe or spin-off series, but we simply don't know yet, and the outcome of this will determine our coverage of it. A manga based on it will be coming out, and a promotional event seems planned for January. We'll report if further translation gives us anything more.
Also, some stores reportedly have the US version of X6 out now, though others may not have it until tomorrow or beyond.

taken from

these are the pics mentioned in the news tibit



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